Inclusive Sports Day is a FREE, carnival style event. We partner with individual school districts while identifying one of their high schools to host the event. Students with special needs from all over the district are invited to play for the day in an inclusive environment. The high school athletes from the various sports teams at the host school run interactive stations. The only cost the district incurs is the cost of bussing the students to the event site. Other than that, we supply the event day shirts, food, games and the FUN!

Our event day shirts serve several purposes. All shirts will share a common logo on the front with sponsors on the back. However the main goal is that every participating student will have a shirt color that matches their school’s colors. This allows staff to look into the crowd and identify where their individual students are. This is important because some children who attend our events are nonverbal. Being able to locate students quickly provides peace of mind for the school and for the families.