Inclusive Sports Foundation

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About "Dr." Matt lance and the Inclusive Sports Foundation

Inclusive Sports connects special needs students and high school athletes to create engaging and rewarding experiences.

“Dr.” Matt Lance, a Southern California native and an assistant coach of a successful high school football program for 20 years, enjoys the process of seeing his student-athletes mature and grow. In addition to his coaching responsibilities, “Dr.” Lance also serves as a physical education teacher and leads the special needs PE class; one of the most rewarding aspects of his work in education.

The story of Inclusive Sports Day began in 2017 when transportation obstacles dashed “Dr.” Lance’s hopes of attending a special needs event with a group of his students. To ensure that local students never missed another opportunity to get involved in similar events, “Dr.” Lance immediately got to work and solicited the help of a colleague at a nearby school. Together, they piloted an event that exploded in popularity and has evolved into what is now known as Inclusive Sports Day.

Inclusive Sports Day is a vital program that connects football, soccer, basketball, softball, swimming, track, and various other high school athletes with special needs students who are eager to engage in a day of fun activities and sportsmanship. Students from diverse programs including the Career and Technical Education program, the Culinary Arts program, Video Production, and the Associated Student Body all join in to help create an extraordinary experience for everyone involved.

In 2021, we launched our recreational league programming called Nothing But Nets.  We have partnered with club sports organizations in California and Utah to create 6-week rec leagues that partner the club athletes and our children with special needs. 

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